The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1384 No Comparison

Chapter 1384 No Comparison

The car soon arrived at the destination. At the same time, the fluidity of the model also changed automatically and made a slight adjustment to the height of the ground clearance, better adapting it to the needs of racing! However, its chassis was still fully matte black. This color would remind people of the night that could devour everything. Everyone else in the car came down, leaving only the staff in the driver’s seat and the test team officials. He needed the most accurate data. On the racing circuit, countless cars roared domineeringly, screaming that they were the strongest. Only NoPeople was low-profile, calm, and indifferent. Placed in the middle of the cars, it was extremely inconspicuous, and no ear-splitting sounds were coming from it. It did not need to clamor to announce its fearsomeness. It would only speak with its own results. The driver inside the car smiled and spoke to the camera. “The moment to witness history has arrived...” He was confident and high-sp

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