Chapter 1385 One Million

In the comprehensive assessment of the optimal scheme of the whole road, the car dismissed the threat of the boulders, road bumps, and the hidden dangers of the vehicles in front of it, driving steadily on the road. Nicole was not worried. She knew that in terms of racing, this car could not win. A race car was a product of the racer’s pursuit of excitement. It was not a product of advanced technology. Even if it got first place, would the racer be happy? Would it be his glory or the glory of technology? Eric did not care. His mind was not here. Nicole picked up her cup to take a sip of coffee and looked up, suddenly feeling a gaze on her. She subconsciously looked over. Eric’s cold and dark eyes stared at her, as complicated as a mess in the night, not hiding nor flashing. Nicole nonchalantly averted her gaze and looked at the video. The car was in overtake mode. Perhaps it felt that it was time. Thus, it kept leaving the other vehicles behind. The other cars did not pay

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