The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 138 She Said Serves You Right

Chapter 138 She Said Serves You Right

Nicole did not even glance at Eric. Not to mention greeting him, she completely ignored his existence and walked into the lobby of J&L Corporation with her purse. Every part of her, from the soles of her shoes to the strands of her hair, was ignoring Eric. The way she walked was like the wind, brisk and gentle. The security guard at the door respectfully opened the door for her. She thanked the guard and went in calmly. When Eric saw her, he frowned slightly. Her ignorance made him feel suffocated. ‘She really doesn’t care about me anymore! I can no longer read her…’ Eric thought. The man walked to the door. Before the security guard could open the door, a mob of people rushed out from the side. They were aggressive and came prepared. Numerous reporters swarmed around Eric with their cameras and equipment. “Mr. Ferguson, do you and Wendy Quade plan to get married this year?” “Do you really like this mistress?” “Mr. Ferguson, how many girlfriends do you have?” “Will the Ferg

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