The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 139 The Cheating Couple Can Go to Hell

Chapter 139 The Cheating Couple Can Go to Hell

With the series of harm Eric Ferguson had inflicted on Nicole, her hostility towards him would not lessen one bit. Gerard Lichman awkwardly glanced at the two people. The atmosphere was momentarily stagnant. Eric was silent as he stared at Nicole with a dark and deep gaze. Nicole’s undisguised arrogance and indifference made Eric realize the extent of Nicole’s hatred and long-standing resentment. This feeling was horrible like someone had squeezed his heart. Gerard coughed slightly and tried to ease the situation. “I think what President Stanton said makes sense…” In the end, Eric also agreed with Nicole’s proposal. Once the meeting was over, Mitchell walked over to Eric quickly. “President, Ferguson Corporation’s stock has plummeted...” Nicole was the last to leave the room, so she heard this sentence very clearly. ‘Serve them right!’ Nicole thought. Eric’s voice was extremely cold. “Get to the point.” Mitchell handed over the iPad in his hand, opened the webpage, and show

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