Chapter 1390 Male Peitho

Nicole looked at Nathaniel. It was not strange for Yvette to call Julie and Ian here. However, why did someone as busy as Nathaniel come as well? “Aren’t you busy now, Mr. Celebrity?” Nathaniel laughed. “I am. I’m a producer now, so I really feel that the entertainment circle isn’t easy to mingle in. When I’m popular, people want nothing more than to hold me up. When I’m not popular, they can scold me to death!” Nicole frowned. “What? Why are they scolding you?” Nathaniel sighed with a sorrowful expression. “It’s hard to explain!” Julie smiled from the side and helped Clayton set up the table. “Why else? Mr. Ferguson is being shipped with another female celebrity, but photos of him sending another woman to the hospital were taken, so he became a veritable scumbag. People are intolerant of such things. It’s only natural that he’ll be scolded!” Nathaniel’s expression was ugly and disheveled. He became even more speechless and sad after Julie’s words. “It’s just a ship tease, b

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