Chapter 1391 Four Freeloaders

However, Julie was a little embarrassed. “Nicole, if your third brother heard you praise him so much, he won’t hesitate to sneak out after rehearsals to buy you a gift...” Nicole was speechless. Would Kai hesitate otherwise? Yvette came over from the side while eating snacks. “Kai’s qualities at that time goes without saying. At that time, fans weren’t that abnormal. They would just like a person they like. They won’t deny the celebrity’s career achievements just because of their private life. Unlike now...” Nathaniel fell into silence. He was born in the wrong era. Clayton finished preparing and called everyone over. “Let’s eat...” He prepared a dual-sided hotpot – clear soup and spicy soup. They were never perfunctory when it came to food. Nathaniel did not need to appear in front of the camera anymore, so he did not need to deliberately watch his diet. He let go and ate boldly. Clayton brought the cooked beef in front of Nicole, who frowned slightly. Nicole was clearl

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