The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1409 Quite Satisfied

Chapter 1409 Quite Satisfied

When Claire finished speaking, her face was already red to the point where it looked like it would explode. Claire was completely humiliated in front of the crowd. Mrs. Carter did not show her any mercy and smiled at Nicole. “Nicole, for my sake, tell your boyfriend not to get angry. Just think of it as a joke. We welcome you to this birthday banquet. Don’t spoil your good mood.” Nicole glanced at Mrs. Carter. There was no hint of reluctance on her face, and she did not care about Claire’s reputation at all. If Mrs. Carter could say such smooth words, it meant that she knew which was more important. Since Claire already apologized, Nicole did not want to continue making a fuss. She looked at Clayton. "Are you satisfied with this outcome?" Clayton raised his brows. "Quite." He did not care about her apology. What made him happiest was that Nicole always stood up for him. She did not care even if it was her friend’s relative. It meant that in her heart, Clayton was worth more.

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