The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1410 Are You That Happy?

Chapter 1410 Are You That Happy?

Mrs. Carter spoke calmly. “Enough. It doesn’t matter what I say. He’s the Old Master’s favorite, so his word is the Old Master’s word.” “Sister, what do you mean by that? Are you trying to draw a line between us? I’m your sister!” Claire was anxious and frightened. “You’re just not allowed to attend the Carter family’s public events in the future. You’re thinking too much.” Mrs. Carter finished speaking and turned to leave. Claire chased after her. “What about my Riley helping out in Carter Corporation? He specially came back to help Ian.” A trace of impatience crossed Mrs. Carter’s eyes. “Let’s talk about that later. As you can see, the Old Master only believes Ian now. He doesn’t listen to me at all.” "Then what about Riley?" Mrs. Carter said, "Just let him return to Liberty. Wasn't he doing well there? Why did you tell him to come back?" Claire was at a loss for words and stopped in her tracks. ...... Nicole held Clayton’s arm and wanted to see if he was still angry or

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