The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1411 You’re Not the Target

Chapter 1411 You’re Not the Target

Old Master Carter paced around them twice and smiled. “Good. Nicole, you have a good eye! Mr. Sloan is a talented man with outstanding abilities. Your father must be overjoyed, right?” Nicole’s lips twitched as she remained silent, letting this topic slide in jest. If her father were to know, he might die of anger. Overjoyed? Nicole did not dare to entertain the thought. Old Master Carter was clearly interested in Clayton. He pulled Clayton and chatted with him for a while before letting them leave. Nicole did not want to socialize since she felt that it was too annoying. After a few people came to exchange pleasantries with her, she made excuses to run away. Clayton was left there to helplessly take over everyone’s greetings. Yvette popped up from somewhere and went over with a grin. “You left Mr. Sloan behind? I heard that everyone is very interested in him, but those who want to build connections with him can’t find a way to.” Nicole pursed her lips. “Whatever. Let him d

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