Chapter 1416 Cut Him Off

Then, Sean divorced and came back to chase Yvette again, creating many opportunities until they got back together. Yvette knew that some of the things were deliberately planned by Sean. However, Yvette pretended not to know. She was willing to give Sean a chance, but she did not want to get married. His past marriage seemed to be an unspeakable taboo to her. Yvette did not get married, did not get involved with his family, and did not ask about his business and friends. It was as if they were together merely for the sake of love. Yvette originally thought that it was fine as long as they were happy. Now, Yvette realized that there were things that would not stop existing just because she did not ask about them. His presence was a permanent rift. ...... The three of them packed up. Almost all of Yvette’s household items were taken away, including her cosmetics and bags. There was really nothing left. Nicole looked at this. Was Yvette really going to break up with Sean? Downs

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