The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1417 The Divorce Certificate is Fake

Chapter 1417 The Divorce Certificate is Fake

Julie went to find three cups, and the three ladies sat down on the carpet, each person holding a glass. Yvette’s tears could not stop flowing down her face. “Do you know who went this evening?” Julie shook her head. “I didn’t pay attention. Was it someone Sean knew?” Nicole recalled, “Who was the girl beside Sean?” Yvette’s tears flowed even harder. She sniffled and wiped her face. “She’s his wife’s younger sister. She grew up in their house. When I was toasting with Sean, she ran over and saw me. Do you know what she said?” Yvette sneered with sullen hatred in her eyes. “A vixen?” Yvette laughed. “It doesn’t matter if she calls me a vixen. Before I could say anything, Sean told me not to bother with a child. What the f*ck? A seventeen-year-old is considered a child? If it were in the past, someone her age could already have a few kids of their own. Is their family retarded?” Nicole felt uncomfortable. Yvette did not stop and continued to speak. “That’s fine, but do you k

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