The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1425 A Lunatic’s Provocation

Chapter 1425 A Lunatic’s Provocation

Stanton Corporation. In the afternoon, Nicole finally finished dealing with a tricky problem when Logan knocked and came in. He had a complicated expression. “President...” Nicole glanced at him. “Speak...” Logan said, “Someone wants to meet you. She looks a lot like you... And her name is Ann!” Not only did they look alike, but even their names were also the same. Logan almost recognized the wrong person. Thus, he hurried over to ask. Nicole raised her eyes. That woman actually came to her door? Her heart could not help but be a little surprised. Logan scratched his head. “It’s not that similar, but I can’t pinpoint what’s similar either.” The corners of Nicole’s mouth twitched. “I know who she is, but I’m not familiar with her. Just say that I’m busy and won’t meet her.” Logan nodded and left immediately after getting Nicole’s response. A few minutes later, he came back. “President, that woman says she has something important to see you for, and that you’ll regret it if

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