The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1426 He’s in My Hands

Chapter 1426 He’s in My Hands

What was going on? Charles was in this woman’s hands? Was this a blatant threat? A kidnapping? Or... Mitchell could not hold on any longer. Whether it was real or not, he had to tell Eric immediately. Then, Mitchell knocked on the conference room and entered. The air in the conference room was as cold as an ice cellar. Seeing Mitchell come in, everyone sighed in relief as if they had seen a savior. Mitchell said a few words in Eric’s ear. Eric’s face turned cold and ugly, and his gaze swept harshly to the door. Suddenly, Eric stood up and walked out in large strides. Everyone exchanged glances. Mitchell smiled. “Everyone, the President has some urgent matters to attend to, so the meeting is temporarily suspended. Once it’s dealt with, we will inform you of the rescheduled meeting time.” Then, Mitchell hurriedly followed Eric out. Ann stood at the door. Her eyes, her expression, and even her smile, were cold. Her makeup was still imitating Nicole’s. Nicole’s temperament wa

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