The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1444 Thinking Too Much

Chapter 1444 Thinking Too Much

The living room seemed to be silent for a moment. Clayton reacted and looked serious for a moment before he smiled at Yvette. “Ms. Quimbey, you’re overthinking it. I just don’t want my beloved to see me looking so haggard. That will just reduce my charm!” Nicole laughed and looked back at Yvette. “Yvette, don’t scare him. Lil Michael will pick up on all the wrong things…” Yvette snorted and did not want to dwell on it anymore. She turned around and went back into the kitchen. Lil Michael came over and pried Clayton’s hand off of Nicole. He held up his arm that was in a cast and looked at Clayton with a straight face. “Daddy, when Pretty Lady went to pick me up from the hospital today…” Lil Michael chattered continuously as Clayton patiently waited for him to finish without interrupting him. Nicole went to the kitchen to prepare some fruit and gave Yvette a hand. She felt embarrassed for letting Yvette cook for several people. Yvette glanced outside and leaned in close to Nico

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