Chapter 1445 Satisfied?

The corners of Nicole’s mouth twitched. If they continued to talk, she would probably get into a fight with Yvette. Thus, Nicole simply looked away and watched the TV show seriously. When they were eating, all three of them praised Clayton’s cooking. Even Yvette could not pick any fault with it. Yvette forgot all about her image when she ate. Nicole laughed and was speechless. Lil Michael was quipped and made funny faces on the side. He was complaining about his school and wanted to transfer to a different school. Clayton attempted to deter his son’s nonsensical actions with his stern gaze. Nicole thought about it. It was indeed not suitable for small children to continue to study in that kind of environment. “Why don’t we transfer Michael out? There’s no guarantee that the teachers there won’t be vindictive…” Clayton was very calm without the slightest fluctuation on his face. “That won’t happen. That teacher has been dismissed. That child has also left the school. I’ve discu

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