Chapter 1446 So Awesome

Lil Michael learned painting from a professional abstract painter, but he could also paint realistic pieces. The boy looked so professional in his artist apron. He lifted his head and looked at Clayton. “This is me, and that’s Pretty Lady!” Lil Michael pointed to the painting that seemed to have three figures. Clayton nodded and pointed to another person. “What about this one?” Lil Michael stammered and was hesitant. Clayton narrowed his eyes and stared at his son with an intimidating gaze. “Hmm? Who are you painting?” Nicole finished her phone call and leisurely came over to join in the fun. Sure enough, there was another man next to the little child in Michael’s painting. Could it be Clayton? That could not be because if it was Clayton, why would Lil Michael be stammering? Lil Michael muttered, “This is Big Brother Logan!” There was a moment of silence in the living room. Even Yvette could not help but glance sideways to watch the drama unfold. Clayton’s temperament i

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