The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 145 I’m Helping You to Add Fuel to the Fire

Chapter 145 I’m Helping You to Add Fuel to the Fire

The comment section underneath that article was abuzz. [This mistress is simply a sociopath!] [The homewrecker wants to kill his ex-wife? That b*tch is crazy! Who gave her the courage?] [Mr. Ferguson is really blind! His mistress can’t even compare to one of Nicole’s toes! He really has a unique taste for horrid women…] [Ferguson Corporation’s stock has fallen quite a bit, huh?] ...... The next day’s trending topic was “Kai watching the drama online”. Kai used his official account to forward Falcon Entertainment’s explosive news. He even added the caption: [Serves her right! @NicoleStanton I know you’re not one to do this, but I gotta add fuel to the fire for you!] [OMG, is that Kai’s declaration of love for Nicole?] [We’ll all add fuel to the fire! For Nicole!] [The whole world knows that Kai likes Nicole, but why does it feel so fake? It’s kinda funny…] [Kai does have a good eye to like our President Nicole, but I still think Nicole should stay a strong independent woman!

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