Chapter 146 Played

Nicole sneered. ‘Does Ingrid think that I’m easy to fool? Does she think that her apology is worth a lot? I won’t even care if she kneels to apologize!’ Ingrid was shocked by Nicole’s words. She froze for a moment and instantly lost her momentum. Ingrid almost forgot that Nicole was now the capable and powerful CEO and heiress of Stanton Corporation. Nicole could even exert pressure on Ferguson Corporation and was no longer the pushover that Ingrid could bully at will back then. “Nicole, you... What kind of attitude is this? I said that I’m here to apologize, so why do you have no manners at all?” Ingrid gritted her teeth. ‘I’ve already come here and done my part. It’s Nicole’s problem if she doesn’t accept it!’ Nicole looked down at the time and called the internal landline. “Have security come up to escort Ms. Ferguson out.” While Ingrid was staring at Nicole with a shocked gaze, Nicole added, “In the future, don’t let her step foot in Stanton Tower.” “Nicole! How could you?

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