Chapter 148 This Thing

When the crowd saw this, they were all secretly surprised. It was rumored that Eric Ferguson and Nicole Stanton were at odds for a long time. If that was the case, why did this ex-husband rush out to defend Nicole when she was in danger? Yvette heard the commotion and ran over in a panic. She sized up Nicole and asked, “Are you alright?” Nicole calmly nodded without the slightest bit of fear. She was already prepared. With her fighting skills, even if no one stepped in to help her, that trust fund kid would not be able to touch a hair on her head. It was just that Eric’s appearance was too unexpected. The trust fund kid lying on the ground slowly returned to his senses. Although he was in pain, he had no choice but to grit his teeth and bear with it. He did not know that Keith was speaking, so he did not think that the person who kicked him would be Eric Ferguson. Before he could open his eyes, he shouted furiously, “Who dares to meddle in my business?!” ‘Someone still dares

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