The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 149 She’s Just a Bully

Chapter 149 She’s Just a Bully

Nicole snickered from the side and thought, ‘What a great show today! Simply wonderful!’ Only, she was not in the mood to watch this performance any longer. It was a waste of time to continue watching another second of it. Nicole looked at Yvette and said, “Let’s go somewhere else. Seeing these irritating fools really affects my mood.” The only person she did not want to see was Eric Ferguson. Yvette knew what Nicole was thinking. She was originally regretting her decision of bringing Nicole here, but as soon as she heard Nicole’s proposal, she immediately nodded her head in agreement. Nicole took her purse, turned on her heels, and strutted out of the venue. She did not care about all those prying eyes who were watching the drama. ‘They can just keep watching Eric’s performance!’ Nicole thought. Yvette went to get the car while Nicole waited at the entrance. Nicole was looking down at her toes. The night breeze was slightly chilly. Suddenly, she heard the familiar sound of

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