The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 150 Can We Turn the Page?

Chapter 150 Can We Turn the Page?

Early the next morning. Ferguson Corporation. Eric Ferguson came out of the conference room after a morning meeting. He suddenly remembered something, turned around, and instructed his assistant Mitchell, “Immediately terminate any cooperation with Anson’s company and acquire their company at a low price, then get him to leave Atlanta.” Mitchell paused for a moment and did not understand where Eric’s sudden idea came from. He looked at his boss with a complicated gaze and reported truthfully, “President, Anson’s family went bankrupt early this morning. They’re millions of dollars in debt and fled the country in a hurry. Even their residence has been sealed…” ‘I’m afraid it’s no longer possible to acquire Anson’s company…’ Mitchell thought. Eric frowned tightly. His expression was cold and solemn. Without much thought, he knew that it must be Nicole’s doing. ‘She acted fast…’ Eric thought of what she said last night and felt extremely uncomfortable. He tried to suppress the str

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