The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 152 Only You Are Worthy

Chapter 152 Only You Are Worthy

Ines Xavier had just returned to Mediania and came over to join the fun. She did not expect to see Eric Ferguson here, so she could not care less about anything and wanted to approach him. Three years ago, Nicole robbed Ines of her chance, so three years later, Ines vowed not to give up! Eric did not say anything. His face was a little cold, and the disgust in his eyes was obvious. If Mitchell, who was sitting next to Eric, still could not see Eric’s displeasure, then it would be a waste of all those years of working for Eric. At this moment, Mitchell hastily proposed. “President, why don’t we change seats?” Eric stood up without saying a word, so Mitchell quickly moved to the side and sat on Mitchell’s original seat. Mitchell tried his best to ignore the indignant piercing gaze from Ines, who was now next to him. Nicole’s phone beeped. It was a message from Julie Nixon. [That lady sitting next to Eric is Ines Xavier from Gemini Entertainment, right?] Nicole saw the name and

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