The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 153 A Change of Clothes

Chapter 153 A Change of Clothes

The venue was silent. To everyone’s disappointment, Eric Ferguson faintly withdrew his gaze and did not continue bidding. ‘If she likes it that much, I’ll give it to her.’ Eric thought. “$2 million sold!” The sound of the hammer finalized the bidding war. The crowd was a little shocked. ‘Mr. Ferguson conceded?’ The show that they were expecting was not that exciting after all. Nicole coldly snorted and thought, ‘This doesn’t even cost that much. Eric Ferguson raised the bid for no reason just so that I’ll spend an extra million. He did this on purpose, right?’ She stood up and went to make the payment. Fabian followed by her side. None of them noticed that they were being followed. Nicole looked at the pair of cufflinks and handed them to Fabian personally. “It’s for you.” Fabian froze and widened his eyes in shock. “For me?” ‘It’s worth two million dollars, yet Nicole just gave them to me?’ Nicole nodded and smiled. “Thanks for accompanying me to the auction. It’s a l

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