The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 176 I’m Rich and Powerful

Chapter 176 I’m Rich and Powerful

Nicole swept a glance at Luna and with extreme impatience. ‘How annoying!’ “Luna, what are you two talking about?” A woman walked over from not far away. She was dressed in an extravagant gown and had a calm and elegant demeanor. She also had a professional fake smile plastered on her face. Nicole thought that she looked a bit familiar. ‘Is she an actress?’ Nicole looked at her and frowned slightly. Luna grunted coldly and walked over to take the woman’s arm. She looked at Nicole with raised eyebrows and said in a smug tone, “Nicole, does she still need to be introduced? She’s the daughter of HS Corporation’s Chairman, the big movie star who won many film awards, Jenny Lynch!” ‘Oh, I remember now. She’s that big-name celebrity who completely relies on reality shows and her persona to squeeze into the ranks of first-tier actresses, whose sh*tty acting skills are criticized... That Jenny Lynch?’ However, Nicole was focused on her other identity. ‘Daughter of HS Corporation’s Chai

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