The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 177 You’re Her Manstress

Chapter 177 You’re Her Manstress

Keith Ludwig snorted and thought, ‘Nicole’s really unaware of the impact she’s causing, huh?’ After Nicole got a divorce, she really let loose. Before Nicole said anything else, Luna got agitated and stepped forward. She looked at Kai with righteous indignation and questioned him. “Kai, you should make it clear to everyone now. Did Nicole force you to do this? Did she threaten you? Is it because you’re-- her manstress and she’s been supporting you financially?” Luna said the word “manstress” with difficulty through gritted teeth. “Don’t worry, we won’t judge! Kai, as long as you admit it, we’ll all find a way to help you... We’ll definitely help you escape from Nicole’s claws!” Luna spoke as if Nicole was some sort of beast with giant claws. Kai’s back stiffened slightly. He sneered and suddenly stood up, then looked at Luna with a burning gaze. His tone was cold and unceremonious as he said, “Who the hell are you?! Are you sick in the head? If you are, go back home and take y

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