The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 179 I’m the One Who’s Defamed

Chapter 179 I’m the One Who’s Defamed

Inside the car. Julie could not help but speak up. “Lil N, Eric Ferguson’s attitude seems a bit strange. Does he like you?” Nicole sneered and remembered what Eric said to Gerard Lichman back then. “How is that possible? Do you think that Jenny Lynch’s talk of a marriage alliance is groundless? If someone hadn’t mentioned it, how would she have the guts to present herself as Eric Ferguson’s fiancée?” Julie frowned. “Right… But... The Fergusons don’t need a marriage alliance with HS Corporation, right?” “Whatever…” Kai sneered. Kai sent Julie back and drove Nicole back to the Stanton mansion. The next morning, Nicole heard a noise downstairs before she got out of bed. She walked downstairs with squinted eyes and heard her father cursing at Kai with a resounding voice. “You’re the worst! Even Tigger is better than you! Look how you got your sister into trouble!” Nicole rubbed his eyes and arrived downstairs. “What’s wrong?” Mr. Anderson showed them the morning headlines. It w

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