The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 180 I Can’t Get Arrested

Chapter 180 I Can’t Get Arrested

Ferguson Corporation. Eric Ferguson looked at the latest gossip on the internet with furrowed brows. Even Mitchell did not expect this turn of events. This time, Eric should be happy because he had one less opponent, right? However, Mitchell did not see a hint of joy on Eric’s face. “Mr. Ferguson?” Eric’s face was sullen. ‘I should’ve thought of this… Kai didn’t have any scandal with anyone in the entertainment industry before… He was just nice to Nicole alone, so openly at that. Turns out Kai’s also Floyd Stanton’s son! If we didn’t get a divorce, Kai would’ve been my brother-in-law!’ It was pretty surprising. Eric felt much better about this. However, when he recalled his attitude towards Kai yesterday, he felt a little regretful. If only Mitchell could read Eric’s thoughts, Mitchell would probably choke on his water. Eric’s eyebrows sank coldly. “What else?” “Edmund Lynch, the Chairman of HS Corporation, is here saying that he has something to discuss with you.” “Let him

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