The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 186 She’s Performing

Chapter 186 She’s Performing

Nicole said, “Ms. Luna?” Luna proudly raised her chin. “It’s rare that you can remember me, Ms. Stanton. I heard that marriage alliances here are made as long as both families are of equal backgrounds. Is that rich businessman just now your marriage partner? Although he’s not very good-looking and a bit older, I guess he must be quite rich. Otherwise, how could he match a noble and elegant person like you, Ms. Stanton?” She did not pay attention to the dynamics online about Medianian gossip and trends. Thus, Luna did not know about Kai’s real identity. Jenny Lynch only called Luna to tell her that Nicole had retaliated, so Luna came here in a huff. Julie wanted to go up and say something, but she was stopped by Nicole. Nicole’s gaze was cold as she looked at Luna. “Don’t think that I won’t touch you because you’re a foreigner. Stay the hell away from me. Listening to your voice just makes me want to puke.” Luna’s face stiffened. She felt so humiliated. She took out the phone a

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