Chapter 187 Pollute Your Ears

The people around were stunned. Nicole was not the only one in danger of defamation! Everyone might get defamed at any time. Since this was the Carter family’s party, the Carters would also be implicated if something went wrong. Thus, when the Carter family’s butler heard this, his face stiffened a little. He looked at the two bodyguards behind him and said in a cold voice, “Take her backstage. Performers and crew aren’t allowed to roam around.” Nicole and Julie glanced at each other and followed the butler inside. The two ladies went to greet Old Master Carter before looking for Ian. Second Young Master was surrounded by people toasting him. When he spotted Nicole, he looked like he saw his savior. “My pretty lady is here, so all you losers without girlfriends aren’t worthy enough to drink with me…” Ian’s friends were all vexed with his statement. However, when they saw Nicole, they dared not say anything about it and only smiled as they cheered. Nicole wore a dark green

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