The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 188 Where’d You Get This Imbecile?

Chapter 188 Where’d You Get This Imbecile?

Nicole subconsciously looked up. When she heard what Ian said, she laughed unconsciously. Two people on the second floor saw this scene. Eric’s eyes became gloomy. He put down the glass of wine in his hand and went downstairs without hesitation. “Ferg! Don’t make a scene!” Keith hurriedly spoke. Otherwise, what could explain Eric’s current behavior? Coincidentally, the music downstairs came to a stop. The artists on stage bowed and everyone gave them a round of applause. The other performers went down one after another while Luna stayed onstage. Luna looked at Nicole, who was not far away, and smiled meaningfully. Julie sensed that something was wrong and approached Nicole. “Is Luna trying to make a scene?” Nicole laughed insouciantly. “Since she’s asking for it, don’t stop her…” Julie raised her eyebrows and was relieved to know that Nicole noticed it. On stage. “Hello everyone, my name is Luna. I’m truly honored to be here today. I’d like to wish Second Young Master Carter a

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