The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 191 I Lost the Ring

Chapter 191 I Lost the Ring

Nicole and Julie went back to the banquet hall. Everyone started to mingle and laugh with each other. It was as if that little episode earlier did not exist at all. Knowing Nicole’s identity, no one dared to force her to drink. They only exchanged some pleasantries and kept their distance. Nicole felt a little tired, so she walked to a small balcony where it was quiet and peaceful. She looked out through the window and saw the glimmering lights reflecting on a lake not far away. She could also smell a nice floral fragrance. Just when she finally felt relaxed, she heard footsteps approaching. “Nicole, why are you here?” It was Keith Ludwig. Nicole’s relaxed face instantly had a hint of displeasure. She cast a cold sidelong glance at him. “Do I need your permission to be somewhere?” ‘Otherwise, stop being so nosy!’ Keith braced himself and decided to go over to say a few words for his friend. “Nicole, I didn’t mean that. That watch earlier... Why didn’t you get it for Eric? He

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