The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 192 The Diamond Bits Are for You

Chapter 192 The Diamond Bits Are for You

Nicole thought, ‘Eric Ferguson is telling me about the lost ring just to stab me in the heart, huh? He’s really cruel… But, after getting used to being stabbed so many times, my heart is now as hard as a rock.’ Eric’s eyebrows furrowed deeper. He was just about to say something when Ian Carter rushed over from not far away after noticing the movement here. “My Goddess Nicole…” Hearing this name, Nicole could not help but smile. The sad memory that was evoked by Eric Ferguson suddenly became insignificant. It was not worth it getting immersed in the past sadness. Ian came over and naturally wrapped his arm around Nicole’s shoulders. He glanced sideways at Eric, full of wariness. “We’re short of one person. I especially saved the spot for you. Wanna go in and play a few rounds?” If it was ten minutes ago, Nicole was down to play, but now, she was no longer in the mood. Nicole hooked her lips and smiled faintly. “Nah, I’m a little tired, so I’m going home.” “Then I’ll send you ho

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