Chapter 193 Spokesperson

Word got out that one of the companies under Stanton Corporation was selecting a spokesperson for men’s accessories. Thus, many agencies wanted to recommend their artists for the job. After all, Stanton Corporation had very high standards and strict requirements for selecting a spokesperson, so being selected would prove their status in the circle. Stanton Corporation. Nicole looked over the photos of so many artists that she felt a little dazzled. Logan, who was at the side, was in deep thought for a moment. He then told her about the news he had just heard. “President, HS Corporation bailed Jenny Lynch out today and subtly instated her as Vice President of HS Corporation. Luna has been repatriated.” ‘Bailed out?’ Nicole raised her eyebrows. She was not really surprised about Luna’s repatriation because that was a piece of cake for the Carter family. Bailing out Jenny was also easy with HS Corporation’s ability. After all, Jenny was not guilty of a huge, unforgivable crime.

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