The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 197 Showing Her Love to Me

Chapter 197 Showing Her Love to Me

On the side. The bartender, who heard Nicole and Yvette’s conversation, twitched the corners of his lips. Sure enough, only Nicole could describe Eric Ferguson as worthless in this whole world. Wait... The bartender looked up and suddenly saw a tall, well-built man standing behind the two ladies. The man’s features in the dim light looked like Eric Ferguson. His hand trembled. The glass in the bartender’s hand suddenly fell to the ground and shattered. “M-Mr. F-Ferguson?” Nicole and Yvette froze for a moment. The two of them had an extremely tacit understanding, so neither of them turned around. Speak of the devil! Nicole’s mood was a bit complicated. She could feel a burning gaze behind her like it would pierce through her. Her scalp was tingling. Nicole quickly calmed down and thought, ‘What should I be afraid of?! Even if I say it in his face, it’s not wrong, because, to me, Eric Ferguson is indeed worthless!’ With that thought, Nicole relaxed and turned her head. Th

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