The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 198 I Won’t Give Way

Chapter 198 I Won’t Give Way

Early in the morning. Nicole wore a simple, elegant dress and paired it with a jacket. She looked so bright and vivacious, simply stunning. When she got to the office, Logan took some documents to her. “There’s a bidding session in the afternoon. The land is in a prime location. The most promising winning bid besides us is Ferguson Corporation.” Nicole nodded. It was not a surprise. Why would Ferguson Corporation give up such a big slice of the pie? Nicole turned to the first page. “This is our base price?” That was not a small amount. Logan nodded. “Yes.” Nicole had a figure in mind and intended to go in person. The dazzling crystal chandeliers inside the luxurious banquet hall lit up the whole space. The people walking around politely exchanged pleasantries, but no one revealed any crucial information. After all, everyone’s base price was the key to winning or losing the bid. Eric’s assistant, Mitchell, went to mingle around with everyone. It looked like Eric would not

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