Chapter 20 Berated Again

Late at night, the paparazzi quietly posted the edited clip online and left out the background story. They simply posted Nicole’s violent actions. At a glance, it looked like Nicole was bullying the man without reason. After a good night’s sleep, Nicole did not forget that it was her first official day at work and woke up on time to pick out her outfit. Yvette drove over in her little convertible and pushed the door in furiously. “Nicole! All those people online are berating you again!” Nicole paused slightly. “Berating me? Why?” Yvette showed Nicole the video that the paparazzi posted. It was only ten seconds, but it clearly showed the stark contrast between Nicole’s hostile look and the man’s miserable appearance. The following comments were all about Nicole’s screw-up. Eric Ferguson’s ex-wife had a rendezvous at a bar late at night and even beat someone up. Some people also commented on how ruthless Nicole was. This incident pushed Nicole into the top trending topics on social

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