The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 223 Be a Decent Human Being

Chapter 223 Be a Decent Human Being

The next day. Ingrid was sent out of Atlanta right after Eric brought her back to the Ferguson Villa. No one knew where she was sent to. When Nicole found out about this, she was playing golf with Maverick. The golf course was in a private VIP country club that was surrounded by greenery. The environment was very peaceful. Golf was Maverick’s favorite sport. Since Maverick went to the National Laboratories, Nicole had not seen him in a long time. Nicole finally had some time off lately, so she called Maverick out to relax. While playing, Nicole could not find a suitable position, so she simply gave up and found other entertainment to keep herself occupied. She was playing with her phone when Yvette called her. “I’ve heard quite a few rumors today! Besides that Ingrid thing, it’s about the scandal between you and Colton White!” Yvette laughed gloatingly. Nicole rolled her eyes in exasperation. “How is that even a scandal?!” “Don’t worry, it didn’t get leaked because someon

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