The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 224 Who’s She Acting For?

Chapter 224 Who’s She Acting For?

Nicole turned to look at Maverick, who was speaking on the phone. Looking at Nicole’s warm gaze that was directed at Maverick, Eric instantly exuded a chilly aura. The people behind him did not know Maverick, but Eric knew about his identity. Maverick was the youngest person who had won the Breakthrough Prize. This record had not been broken thus far. Under his alias, Sunner, Maverick even solved the most difficult problem in Gerard Lichman’s project with ease. Eric had not seen Maverick for a while and did not expect him to appear next to Nicole at this moment. It was very irksome to watch them together. Eric stared at Nicole with his dark eyes. His temperament was awe-inspiring and noble as he stood there looking so high and mighty. However, Nicole did not care about his presence. Since they had already negotiated their terms, they did not owe each other anymore. Maverick hung up the phone and walked up to Nicole with a frown on his handsome and refined face. He lowered hi

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