The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 225 Really Disgusting

Chapter 225 Really Disgusting

Nicole grunted lighted. “Whatever…” Lydia was their cousin, but they were not blood related. Noah Stanton was Floyd Stanton’s younger brother and Nicole’s second uncle. Lydia’s mother, Jade, was Noah’s mistress and had Lydia from her previous marriage. This mother-daughter pair had been living with Noah Stanton for many years. Although there was no official wedding between Noah and Jade, she was Noah’s de facto second wife. However, this had nothing to do with Nicole’s family. They had never cared about Noah’s affairs. Stanton Corporation was singlehandedly built up by Floyd Stanton and had nothing to do with Noah Stanton. However, out of kinship and to avoid trouble, Floyd had given Noah their business in Jericho City to take care of. Despite the two-year loss, Floyd did not pursue Noah’s responsibility. He just considered it as money spent to buy peace. Noah brought Lydia over to Stanton Corporation in Jericho City and instated her as a top executive. To outsiders, Lydia

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