The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 237 Comparing Who’s More Shameless

Chapter 237 Comparing Who’s More Shameless

The few bosses came up to greet Floyd Stanton and planned to leave immediately. They completely ignored Jade’s actions. Floyd clinked his glass with theirs indifferently, but like Nicole, he did not drink either. He saw clearly what had happened here earlier. Although they were the hosts, it seemed the number of people who showed up had far exceeded the number of people they actually invited. Everyone wanted to take this opportunity to build connections with the Stantons and get acquainted with other people. Therefore, they took the opportunity to tag along with their invited friends and relatives. In fact, they were not actually on the invitation list. Floyd turned a blind eye to this, but he would not take into account or drink to every toast offered. It was a huge honor to others if Floyd drank with them. Seeing this scene, Jade’s expression stiffened. What did she say about Nicole earlier? She had poor manners? She must drink when someone offered her a toast? Noah look

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