The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 238 I Can Say Meaner Stuff

Chapter 238 I Can Say Meaner Stuff

Nicole deliberately did not lower her voice. As soon as she spoke, the attention of everyone on this side of the banquet hall was drawn to her. The atmosphere was frozen. A chill spread. Jade’s face instantly turned red with anger. “You… You’re so uncultured! How dare you talk to your elder like that?!” Nicole cast her a disdainful sidelong glance. It was just a glance, and she did not say anything, but it explained everything. Elder? Was she worthy? A homewrecker did not deserve to be respected by others. Lydia gnawed on her lower lips as her body tensed up. Her face flushed red with anger. She originally wanted to take this opportunity to socialize with other gentries and get close to Eric. However, everyone now knew the fact that she was not in fact a Stanton. Instead of running away like this, she might as well grit her teeth and make Nicole seem cold and cruel instead. No one would benefit from this farce! Lydia lowered her voice and sounded like she was about to cr

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