Chapter 244 Unlucky

Chloe Snyder shivered all over when she heard Ian’s words. The usually egotistical, romantic, and gentle Second Young Master Carter now looked like he wanted to skin her alive. At that moment, the many years of perseverance and adoration Chloe had for him seemed to be reduced to dust. There was a trace of pain in her expression. However, no one cared about her. Nicole saw through Chloe’s thoughts and gave her a sidelong glance. She snorted lightly and answered Ian, “She doesn’t have that capability.” Ian and Grant both sighed in relief at her words. Grant looked at Eric with a complicated gaze. If Nicole was not in danger, she would not have triggered the alarm. Were those two burly men hired by Eric Ferguson or Chloe Snyder? “What is Mr. Ferguson doing here?” Eric looked at Nicole expressionlessly and did not respond. His face was incredibly grim. Keith quickly stepped forward and explained the situation again. Mitchell echoed by his side. Grant looked away. It was unli

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