The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 245 Accused of Plagiarism

Chapter 245 Accused of Plagiarism

As the cold wind blew, Nicole had no interest in staying here and simply left. It was already very late when she got home. Early the next morning when she opened her eyes, the first thing that caught her eye outside the window were layers upon layers of leafy green. Precious and rare species of trees were all around, and the sunlight peeking from the cracks lazily lit up her face. What a beautiful day... The unhappiness from last night was instantly forgotten. Nicole got up and freshened up, then turned on her tablet to see the latest stock market movements. A message sent to her from Grant at 4:00 am last night popped up on the screen. [Chloe Snyder has been dealt with. You can sleep with ease.] He resolved it so quickly? Grant had always been protective of her, so she guessed that his way of resolving this would not be courteous. However, Nicole had wondered for a moment about what role Eric played in this incident. He had looked at her last night with such complex emotion

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