The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 249 She Has No Integrity

Chapter 249 She Has No Integrity

Noah Stanton could not stop the words that came out of Jade’s mouth in time. The temperature in the air instantly dropped to a freezing point. A chill permeated every inch of the air. Everyone knew that Nicole’s mother had passed away many years ago. It was a tragic topic that the Stantons could not bear to mention. If Floyd Stanton heard such words, he might even get someone to kill Jade immediately, much less Nicole! Where did Jade get the guts to bring up Nicole’s late mother in front of her and even scold her at the same time? Jade saw Nicole’s suddenly grim expression and realized that she had misspoken. She subconsciously turned to Noah. The angry expression he had earlier instantly disappeared. Just when everyone thought that the tense atmosphere would never end. Nicole’s cold eyes were affixed to Jade for a long time. Her gaze was deep and dangerous. She curled up her lips indifferently and spoke in a cold voice. “Jade Smith, I’ve been too soft on you, haven’t I?”

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