The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 250 Who’s Copying Who?

Chapter 250 Who’s Copying Who?

Nicole had never been a generous person. She could pretend as if nothing happened after being scolded, biding her time to revenge. Nicole made a mental note of how they had offended her. She would retaliate sooner or later. Ignoring Jade and Lydia’s insults behind her back, Nicole held her head high and strutted away in her heels. She felt sick just staying under the same roof as them! The bodyguard behind her was quick to open the door for her. Every movement of hers was inherently superior and noble, making people think that she was born to rule from above and look down on everyone. Back at Stanton Corporation. The people she sent had already started the process of taking over Jericho City’s branch. Thus, Nicole could stop worrying and ignore the online public opinion. Soon, everyone would know the truth. However, Noah Stanton unexpectedly did not give up and uploaded a video in the name of the company the next day. Professor Meyer stood in front of the camera, righteous

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