The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 251 Shall We Announce It?

Chapter 251 Shall We Announce It?

There was a moment of silence. The reporters continued to ask questions, but they were much more moderate this time. “In that case, could you give an explanation regarding Professor Meyer’s video?” If Stanton Corporation admitted to plagiarism, that meant it was Professor Meyer who was lying. Plagiarism was the most intolerable act in the academic world. Nicole revealed a smile that was bright and confident. She stood up and said with a firm and gentle voice, “The achievement of the three-party cooperation project isn’t because of Professor Meyer, but the secrets that were stolen by him. Now, let me introduce the central figure of our research team, who is also the youngest scientist that won the most prestigious Breakthrough Prize in the industry, Maverick.” As soon as her words fell, the venue was instantly plunged into silence as the crowd froze. From another door in the venue, a handsome young man walked out with a calm gait. The genius scientist who could only be seen on

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