The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 253 Unfortunate News

Chapter 253 Unfortunate News

Nicole paused in surprise. ‘Huh? Shouldn’t his words have been, “You’re welcome, I didn’t do much”? This freak Eric Ferguson really doesn’t play by the rules…’ Nicole felt a little embarrassed, but she maintained a polite smile on the surface. “I just did.” Then, she turned and left. Eric spoke up behind her. “Believe it or not, what happened that night with Chloe Snyder had nothing to do with me.” His expression was tense and slightly unpleasant. What kind of person was Eric Ferguson? Would he be fixated on such a trivial matter? He even went through the effort to explain himself? Eric repeatedly recalled the way Nicole looked at him that night. Her eyes were full of distrust. It was like a knife gouging out his heart. For the first time, he experienced the helplessness of not being trusted. She kicked him out of her world and no longer believed a word he said. Nicole’s back stiffened slightly. She thought of what Logan investigated, so she completely forgot about this ma

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