The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 254 Of Course I’ll Go

Chapter 254 Of Course I’ll Go

Noah’s body stiffened fiercely as his expression became ugly. “Y-You knew about that?” He thought that he had done it stealthily enough. He especially picked small shareholders who joined Stanton Corporation afterward to acquire their shares, but he was unexpectedly still found out. Nicole smiled. “My father single-handedly established Stanton Corporation. It’s not something passed down from our predecessors. Logically speaking, you have no share of this pie. My father hasn’t exposed you only out of his brotherly love for you, but if this goes on, you’ll lose even that affection…” Noah was completely at a loss for words. His eyes flashed with a trace of remorse and regret. At that moment, he had lost the anger he had when he came here. Now, he was like a frozen statue, absent-minded. Nicole put the printed photos in Noah’s hand. “Uncle Noah, you don’t want our money to fall into the hands of those two women, right?” Noah turned his head and left without saying a word. Nicole

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