The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 257 She Left This World

Chapter 257 She Left This World

The Stanton family sent more than a dozen private helicopters to search the waters where the accident occurred. They even hired dozens of foreign mercenaries to salvage the vicinity. They did not give up. Soon, in the same stretch of sea, someone expanded the search scope, and nearly a hundred aircraft hovered overhead. It was a huge and astounding scale. The number of people diving into the sea also increased by dozens of times, causing a multi-national sensation and alarm. Eric did not hesitate to join the search and rescue effort, just for that one person. He did not forget that it was him who gave her that invitation. If not for him, this would not have happened to her. She would not have to be afraid. She would not have gotten into an accident or gone missing. She would not have died. He dared not imagine what was in her mind the moment the plane crashed. Did she think of him? Maybe she hated him even more... How scared did that proud and fearless girl feel at that time?

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