The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 258 Aren’t You a Tiger?

Chapter 258 Aren’t You a Tiger?

Nearly a thousand nautical miles away from the search area, there was a deserted island besieged by large waves. Dense green leaves covered the sky. Besides the jungle, there were only huge waves and a cold and salty sea breeze. Nicole wandered around this hellhole for three days but had not found any trace of freshwater or food. She had not had a drop of water or eaten anything during this time. Her lips were extremely dried and cracked. Tigger’s scarf became her shawl as it shrank in her coat pocket, dispirited. Fortunately, Nicole reacted faster than others. Just before the plane exploded, she opened the emergency exit and jumped down with a parachute without hesitation. One second in the air was a deviation of several hundred nautical miles. That was how Nicole survived. In the aftermath, Nicole grieved for the other passengers who were not as fortunate as her. However, it did not take long for Nicole to have doubts about whether she could even survive on this island. Her

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